Monday, December 17, 2012

Latest Beauty Trends: Winter 2012

Fashion Weeks have rolled over and left behind inspiration for all of us to wander upon. Using the right tools and products, Runway looks can be easily achieved at home. We have compiled our favorite trends this season with a brief guide on how to recreate them. 

Number one on the trend list is Mulberry lips; a generous amount of this look was seen on the runway this fall and the trend stretched out to winter. The make-up artists took a slightly different turn on the classic red this year and opted for deep wine, burgundy and oxblood instead.

Recreate a wearable look with my top picks from the store:
  • Rimmel Kate Moss 107 -Rs. 850
  • Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip tint Carry on Cherry -Rs. 1200
  • Catrice Lost in the Woods -Rs. 750
  • Sleek lipstick Cherry and Vamp -Rs. 775
Bold Brows were also witnessed excessively on the runway. Most Asians tend to be naturally blessed with strong brows but it's the maintenance and grooming that fully enhances them.

Take a look at my picks in the store at the moment that can help transform your eye-brows:
  • MUA Pro Brow Kit -Rs. 600
  • Luscious Perfect Brows Tool Kit -Rs. 975
  • Luscious Eyebrow Definer Pencil -Rs. 295
For the eyes, smokey eyes proved to be main focus of attention except the shade selection consisted of greens, cobalt blue and purple. These colors are also known to compliment brown eyes hugely.

The Peacock eyes trend can be broken down into a much wearable approach by using these products:
  • MUA Dusk Till Dawn palette -Rs. 700
  • Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad Inspired 540 -Rs. 1670
Cobalt blue as eyeliner and nail polish is another ongoing trend that has caught my attention. Cobalt blue eyeliner can be used to create a dramatic cat eye. If colored liner is to loud for your taste, add the glam to your nails!
  • Luscious Glamour Eyes Kit -Rs. 850
  • Luscious Bold Metallic eyeliner box set of 5 -Rs. 1175
  • Luscious eyeliner bent brush -Rs. 325
  • MUA Nail Polish Shade 9 -Rs. 200
  • MUA Nail Polish shade 1 -Rs. 200
  • Color Studio Nail Polish Electrique -Rs. 250
Subtle Contours seen on Runway models marked a trend. Subtle contours can enhance and lift the face shape. Professional contouring can be done by locating hollows of the face. Just make a fish face and apply bronzer to the hollows of the cheek. Always use a matte brown powder to contour. 
  • MUA Giant Bronzed Perfection -Rs. 500
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit -Rs. 1050
With the items listed, you should be able to transform your makeup routine from out to up-to-date. Shop all items at

Love, Marib


Atiya said...

OPI nail lacquer in Dating a Royal would have also been a great pick for the cobalt trend :D Lovely picks overall, Marib! :D

Anonymous said...

Very informative post. I will be trying the cobalt blue nail trend, bold brows and mulberry lips.

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