Monday, December 31, 2012

MUA Blush Pro Blush Perfection Cream Blushers at

These cream blushers are very versatile and multi-purpose. They can be directly applied to bare skin, layered over foundation or set with the matching matte blushers in the Rs. 200 MUA range. You can use blush perfection to highlight your cheekbones, shape your face, build and blend with fingers or a brush to create the colour intensity. The colour effects range from a light pink to warm shade, depending on method of application.

Usage Guide:
  • Use clean fingers or a foundation/stippling brush to apply
  • Dab blush on the highest point of the cheek
  • Start blending outwards with your chosen tool
  • Blend any harsh lines
  • For color intensity, build up the product by layering
  • To increase wear, layer a powder blush on top
MUA Cream Blusher (L-R) Blossom, Yummy 

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Mahrukh Hayyat said...

nice swatches

Sahrish Adeel said...

I am so loving these blushers even though I thought they might not work for my oily skin. <3

SK said...

whats the name of the shade in left pink

Marib Maqsood said...


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