Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shop Kim Kardashian's look at + How To!

Kim Kardashian is much talked about when it comes to celebrity make-up. Her flawless skin and perfectly balanced features allow makeup artists to truly create looks that inspire novices all around the world. Today, I will break her signature make-up down into easy steps and list products from Just4Girls that will help you achieve a Kim-like face.

Face: Kim K is luckily blessed with good skin, but there's nothing a beauty product won't do to enhance your skin. Start by properly exfoliating, this will create a flake-free canvas. St. Ives Apricot scrub is specially formulated for gentle skin and works against dead skins cells. The make-up will glide alot smoother and look fresh.
Follow up with foundation after all skin care is complete. People of the west seem to dig bronzed skin but Pakistani women can pick a single shade lighter than their skin tone to brighten up complexion. Don't get carried away or it will seem unnatural. Use a High Coverage foundation like Luscious' Foundation Stick  to achieve a dewy finish.

Concealer plays a major part in Kim's make-up. A pale shade of high coverage cream based concealer is used to accentuate the highlights of the face. Achieve this by using Sleek or Catrice's light reflecting concealers. Their opaque formulas specialize in highlighting and above all, provide a natural finish.
Draw little triangles (facing downwards) on the highest point of the cheeks and blend. This technique is much used by Kim's makeup artist.
Set the foundation with a semi-matte powder to keep excess oil at bay. Sleek's Suede Effect pressed powder is infused with Mica to help reflect light, creating luminous skin that looks fresh and bright.

Kim's Eye make-up ranges from heavily done smokey eyes to much muted down neutral eyes. MUA Extreme Metallics Quad in Smokin is an all-in-one smokey eye palette including all essential shades needed to create smokey eyes. A neutral smokey eye can be created with Catrice's Smokey eyes set.

Top off the eye make-up with False Eyelashes, MUA Glam lashes look just like Kim's. These will enhance your eye makeup to the fullest.
Cheeks: On the apples of the cheeks, Kim likes to alternate between dusty pinks and peaches. Smile and sweep blush on the highest point of the cheeks. Then, contour by applying bronzer to the hollows of the cheeks. Use the picture below as a guideline.

Lips: Kim was supposedly spotted in MAC's lipstick in Angel. You can Shop MAC's full range of lipsticks on Just4Girls but if you're looking for a budget friendly alternatives, look at my picks below.

There you have it, beauty lovers! Kim's makeup made much simpler and repeatable. Shop all mentioned items at and have them delivered right at your doorstep with Cash On Delivery.

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Jan Mitchelle said...

Great idea! I love Kim!! :) Thanks for sharing this! :)
Following your blog now. Hoping you'll follow mine too :)

Aisha K said...

Loved the post! Revlon's Rosedew lipstick looks tempting!

ShiningStar said...

I admire Kim's makeup! She has great sense of fashion and makeup! i love her nude lips. I think she pairs up a nude lipstick and a nude gloss together.

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