Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beauty Blending Foundation Blender Sponges at - Usage Guide

Beauty Blending sponges are uniquely shaped to provide the ultimate ease of makeup application, preferably for cream and liquid products. The cleverly designed tool helps create flawless looking skin in minutes! The key to perfect makeup is indeed, perfect blending. These sponges aim to do just that. 
Beauty Blending sponge promises streak-free foundation application and much more! The design of the sponge is ideal for applying foundation to hard-to-reach areas. 

Suited for beginners to professional make up artists. Shop from two different types of Beauty Blending Sponges available in store.
(L-R) Beauty Blending sponge - Tear dropBeauty Blending sponge - Grip
Beauty Blender sponge used to apply cream blusher
Usage Guide:

Beauty blending sponges can be used to apply and blend liquid, cream, cake products e.g foundation, cream blush, concealer, liquid/cream based highlighter etc.
  1. It is advisable to slightly dampen the sponge before use. Squeeze out any excess water. 
  2. Avoid applying foundation directly onto the sponge as it will absorb most of it resulting in wastage.
  3.  Apply your foundation all over the face in a dotting manner. Now lightly dab on the sponge to spread it across and blend it accordingly. 
  4. Always push the foundation into your skin and avoid large spreading movements as this tends to remove product. 
  5. Use the large bottom part of the sponge to apply foundation to larger areas. 
  6. Use the pointy bit to apply product to hard-to-reach areas e.g corners of nose, around the eyes and mouth. 
  7. After usage, cleanse the sponge with anti bacterial soap to eliminate any bacteria. This will also help keep your Beauty Blending sponge stain-free. 
Tips to remember

  • The damper the sponge, the sheerer the foundation coverage will be. For high coverage, dampen the sponge lightly. 
  • Cleanse sponge after every use to avoid it from staining. 
  • Never apply foundation directly onto the sponge to avoid wastage. 
  • The sponge can be used to apply and blend foundation as well as other cream/liquid based products. 
Beauty Blending sponge is priced at PKR 650. Shop Beauty Blending Sponges now at

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Mahrukh Hayyat said...

let the money come i really want these too Marib... these are no doubt a big help.. and these even look too cute

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