Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clean and Clear Morning Burst skin brightening facial scrub at

MORNING BURST® Skin Brightening Scrub is formulated with BURSTING BEADS®and a unique blend of caffeine, lemon and papaya. It invigorates your senses and helps brighten your skin’s appearance. Skin appears instantly refreshed and leaves you ready to face your day.
Skin TypeOily, Normal, Combination
Clean and Clear Morning Burst skin brightening facial scrub

Clean and clear is a brand that promises effective skincare at reasonable prices. Their products are enriched with the best of oil control properties. The skin brightening scrub contains gentle micro beads that help remove dead skin cells resulting in flake free and healthy looking skin. The formula is refreshing and fruit scented. Skin feels softer, cleaner and hydrated. I can safely say that Clean and Clear offers the best oil control properties in drugstore skin care. The scrub is ideal for using at mornings as it wakes up the skin and leaves a natural glow. It instantly brightens up my complexion after use.
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