Thursday, February 7, 2013

MUA Face brushes at a closer look!

MUA is an affordable high street make up brand that offers high quality products at reasonable prices. MUA keeps you on trend without breaking the bank. Keep reading to find out more about our latest addition in store from Make-up Academy.

Recently the MUA team along with their head make-up artist, Karla Powell started developing a range of professional make up brushes. Shortly followed a release of their professional brush range which offers daily essentials for beginners as well as pro tools for the artist. The range is cruelty free and made with natural synthetic fibres. While the brushes are multi-purpose, they are densely packed with gentle bristles that apply make-up just as well as high end brushes.

For easy identification, name labels are printed on each brush. Face brushes are marked with a capitol "F" followed by brush number. Eye brushes are marked with an "E" and the lip brush with an "L". This ensures that each brush is put to the right use.
MUA brushes - Face range

Each brush comes packaged in a re-usable plastic protective case that keeps bristles from loosing shape or catching dust. The back label describe the purpose of each brush.

Now let's take a closer look at each brush.
An all-purpose powder brush for bronzer, blush and face powder. Full and dense for dusting pressed powder and bronzer on face or body with soft synthetic fibres that form a full, rounded shape that glides effortlessly over skin to achieve the perfect finish.

 Foundation brush which can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation.
 Blusher & Contouring brush is designed to shape to fit the facial contours and
    cheekbones. This multi-use brush is a great way to apply your powder blush as well as your cream blush enabling you to effectively sculpt the face.
          Concealer brush. The rounded flat shape makes this brush ideal to concealer the under the eye area for precision application and blending of all concealer formulas.
Kabuki Face and Body brush is perfect for applying make-up over the entire face and body, F5 Body Brush has super-soft synthetic bristles that glide over skin to apply just the right amount of powder foundation, bronzer or blusher to your cheeks, jaw line, chin forehead, nose and body for a healthy natural glow. 

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