Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MUA Gel Eyeliner Underground - Swatches

These intensely pigmented and super slick and come in four shades, from the classic black of ‘Underground’ to the beautifully bold blue of ‘Tribe’ and are completely smudge-proof once the product has dried. And the most exciting [bit of the product is the unique brush applicator, which is cleverly hidden in the lid, which has been designed so you can create an array of long-lasting looks and styles.
MUA Gel Eyeliner
Pull top to reveal On The Go brush brush
mini brush included for On The Go eyeliner application

This innovative little pot comes with a sleek and tall cap. The top can be pulled out to reveal a mini eye liner brush which makes it ideal for women on the go. The brush has gentle bristles and a very thin edge which allows precision and control. 
Complicated eye liner looks like cat, double winged winged eyeliner can be achieved with much ease when using a gel formula. The brush allows you to draw thick and thin lines effortlessly. 
The formula is creamy and soft. For best results, apply a thin layer. The gel liner can also be used as a base for eye shadows as it is easily blendable. Shade Underground can be used as a base for a smokey eye make up, while other shades like Tribe, On The Move, Fairground can be used as eye shadow bases for other combinations. It can also be used inside the waterline for an intense look. 
MUA Gel Liner stays solid and in place for up to 5 hours without smudging or fading. The finish is matte and long lasting. 
For Rs. 500 only, these are easier on the pocket and get the job done especially on the go!

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Saira Bhatti said...

I'm so looking into Tribe now, its a good pop of color!

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