Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MUA Fur Effect Nails at

Whether you are going for a fun feel or a luxury look, these fluffy textured nails are perfect! The latest on trend nail product – Fur Effect Nail Fluff is a must have! Simply add the micro-fine fibres onto wet nail polish and leave to dry. Available in 5 amazing colours! 
1. Prepare the natural nails and apply base coat, plus 1 of your favorite MUA Polishes. For best results use a polish in the same shade as the fluffy nails. 
2. Now apply your favorite MUA polish to 1 nail at the same time then press and roll into the fluffy nail pot. Remove and wait for 30 secs before brushing away any access. Wait another 30 seconds before touching. Continue applying on the rest of your nails.
Choose from 5 unique shades available at! Which will be your pick? 

1 comment:

Areej Usman said...

Fuzzy Fluff super cute <3

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